Winter Sales Season Starts in Tuscany

Saturday, January 5 marks the official kick-off for the two month fall-winter sales season in Tuscany, lasting until March 5.  There will be a wide choice of items in both shopping centers and designer boutiques — ranging from pullovers, coats, sneakers, boots and lingerie in addition to handbags and home accessories — discounted by at least 30% (expect to find higher markdowns at the end of January to Valentine’s Day).  Expect to find clothes in trendy colors — besides black — in orange, burgundy, mustard, yellow and gold.

By law, all articles must display the original price with the amount of discount and every store must accept credit cards for acquisition during the sales period.  Contrary to popular opinion, objects on sale may also originate prior to fall-winter 2018-9 but should display a higher markdown.  Return policies are at the discretion of the shop proprietor, with the exception of damaged goods, which can be brought back to the store with a receipt to be exchanged within two months of purchase.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (rosanna cirigliano)