‘Welcome to Pisa’ Celebrates History & Street Art

To celebrate the value of street art, a public art exhibition opened called “Welcome to Pisa.” In collaboration with the city of Pisa, Gian Guido Maria Grassi curated the display. The festival showcases a series of permanent murals in the Porta a Mare area. Some of the murals even decorate the support pillars holding up a bridge.

The visitor can take a walking tour of the street art. It begins with Keith Haring’s final work, “Tuttomondo,” (1989) on the façade of the wall of the Saint Antonio Abate Church. Large scale projects by Teo Pirisi, Luca Boffi and Andrew Piscane are all featured.

Grassi worked with the Culture Councilor of Pisa, Andrea Ferrante and young collaborators to create the group, stART. The organization will work towards the creation of contemporary art. The public works will celebrate the history of Pisa and water, an integral part of the Porta a Mare district.

Looking forward, the group hopes that they can continue to beautify the streets of Pisa while creating a dialogue between the community and artists.  To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.