Tuscan Tourism Trends in Chianti

The Chianti Classico area has seen many changes in tourism trends throughout the years with the most recent change being a shift in the demographics of the tourists who visit these wineries.

The Chianti region has seen many more American and German visitors which does not come as too much of a surprise given that 34% of the Chianti wine production is sold to the U.S while Germany has always been a historic market for Chianti Classico. German tourists have decreased slightly though despite this fact but still remain 15% of the region’s visitors. One unanticipated change has been the increase in French tourists with over a quarter of the wine companies receiving French visitors in the last year. This is a drastic change from years past especially considering France’s own successful production of wine.

Another significant change these wineries have noticed is the overall experience tourists come to the wineries for and the introduction of slow tourism in the Chianti region. Now, tourists visit Chianti for the full, culturally-immersed experience. They stay longer, take cooking classes, go on guided tours and enjoy wine tastings. Many tourists are looking to embrace the Tuscan lifestyle and actually live the experience. Sixty percent of visitors’ stays consist of long weekends or last the whole week.

The Chianti area has always embodied a charm that foreigners are attracted to but now visitors vary in demographics and seek out experiences that go beyond just tourism. (kelsey lentz)

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