Tuscan Summer Sales Postponed to August

Sales will take place later this year in Tuscany because of the Coronavirus lockdown

This year, the annual spring and summer clothing and accessory sale season in Tuscany will begin on August 1 and will only last 30 days. Stores may lead up to the start date through promotions and discounts in the month of July –– when the sales started in past years –– but the great deals every shopper strives for will not be possible for weeks. 

Federica Grassini, president of the Federmoda Confcommercio association, thanks the Tuscan region for accepting their proposal to postpone the summer sale season. She goes on to explain that Councilor Stefano Ciuoffo understood the organization’s reasons behind the request. Primarily, Confcommercio’s businesses need more time to recuperate from the compromised season of the clothing industry. The company is aware, however, that the potential for discounts and promotions does not make up for lack of sales––which typically takes place in the first weeks of July and continue through September 8. Even with 94% of stores operated by Confcommercio now open, there is already a 70% decrease in purchases compared to the 2019 season. Grassini hopes the discounts and promotions will help foster employment until the real sales begin. 

It is important to note that while clothing sales are perhaps even more in need now as Tuscans balance a desire to replenish their wardrobe with financial comfort, the clothing sector only reopened a few short weeks ago on May 18. The postponement is necessary for the fashion sector to recuperate, according to president of Fismo Toscana (the fashion subgroup of the Confesercenti business owners), Fabio Tinti. He goes on to say that discussions about altering the sale season are not strictly a result of Coronavirus emergency. In fact, a topic of discussion focused on pushing the date to the end of the season and limiting the sale period. The Fismo president said this in an effort to be transparent about the decision and to remind customers the sector has their best interests––and styles––at heart.  (elizabeth berry)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.