Trump Cartoon Show in Forte dei Marmi

Trump Cartoon Show in Forte dei Marmi

The Trumpeide exhibition, recently inaugurated in Forte dei Marmi, showcases illustrations by 60 satirical artists, coming from all over the world. Not surprising that Trump is globally acclaimed for being a mockery of a political figure.

The works presented display Trump’s sick use of words, arrogant attitude, and lack of knowledge in dealing with foreign and nuclear affairs. American artist, Liza Donnelly of The New Yorker, has sent a work where Trump says words of hatred in the tone of a white supremacist, something that only he would deem suitable as representative of a country built upon the integrity and strength of immigrants. Another hysterical, yet wrenching exhibit is by Italian artists that compare him to dictators such as Kim Jong- Un and Adolf Hitler.

Curators of Trumpeide believe that humor will help the world be less frightened of him, and ultimately help people cope with his duration as President. Satire is a good form of medicine, and can even enlighten those who are not aware of his political inexperience.

The exhibition will run from September 17- 23, from 6 pm – 12 midnight. It is located in the seaside town’s Forte di Leopoldo I in Piazza Garibaldi. Admission is free.

To see a photo gallery of the cartoons and to read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (jennifer klammer)