Tragedy Strikes Carrara Marble Quarry

The scene of the accident. Photo courtsey of La Repubblica.

A normal work day took a tragic turn when a block of marble fell on an unsuspecting employee. 37-year-old Luca Savio was working in a Carrara warehouse as part of a six-day contract when the block unloaded above him, killing him on the job.

The incident was not related to his regular job; Savio was employed for only six a crane company. His job at the Carrara quarry began on July 9: two days before Wednesday’s calamity.

In a show of solidarity, other quarries suspended work immediately following Savio’s death. His passing is especially mourned by his wife, young son, and friends.

Since the accident, Carabinieri and technicians have begun investigating the logistics of the horrific events. They have concluded that Savio was standing near a block already on the ground, but the marble shifted and hit him in the chest. Rescuers rushed to the scene, though efforts to revive Savio were futile. Moving forward, Savio’s death will be further analyzed to determine exactly how it happened, and can serve as a warning case in favor of strengthening on-the-job safety procedures.

This death is the second of Carrara’s marble-related episodes this year. Consequently, the incident questions the underlying dangers of quarry sites, calling for changes that will create a more secure working environment.

For more information on the accident, check out the full report in Italian on La Repubblica.


Since the initial investigation, the cause of Savio’s death has been called into question. Leading the examination, Roberta Moramarco is currently investigating Savio’s colleagues, formulating a crime hypothesis rather than attributing the death to hazards in the workplace. An autopsy performed will hopefully provide clarity about how and why Savio’s accident occurred.  (anna staropoli)