The Philanthrophic Mask Maker of Grosseto

The Grosseto upholsterer

Adolfo Lettieri, a 61-year-old upholsterer originally from Naples, makes face masks in his shop in Grosseto from leftover fabric.  Originally from Naples, the craftsman was inspired when making a delivery to a woman’s home and she asked him to wear a mask.  Going to a nearby pharmacy, he discovered they wanted €15 for one mask, a mask that sold for €2 a month ago.  

He constructed a mask in his shop, discovered it was not difficult and understanding how complicated it is to buy them during the current COVID 19 situation in Italy, he decided to share his expertise and materials.  Putting a notice on Facebook, “For people who know how to sew. I can provide material and instruction on how to make a mask,” Adolfo was surprised at the response. He heard from tailors, grandmothers, police, neighbors and people calling him from as far away as Sardinia.

When asked what motivated him to this gesture of solidarity, Lettieri responded, “Two things. The first is the need to try to make myself useful in my small way in an emergency situation like the one we are experiencing, the second is anger …”.   His anger referred to the price gouging seen with sales of face masks and other essential items.

So far, the upholsterer, who works with his son, has given away three thousand masks.  (rita kungel)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.