The Obamas in Tuscany

During their first day in Tuscany, while Barak Obama was playing golf on Massimo Ferragamo’s estate at Castiglion del Bosco, Michelle Obama visited Montalcino.  While the town is famous for its Brunello wine, Michelle opted for a gelato, and took a walk within the medieval walls, and ultimately spent the afternoon shopping, buying two handwoven shawls.

Both shop owners were astounded; the gelataia didn’t initially recognize her, “if I did I would have dropped the cone.”  The owners of the other shop commented, “what elegance! what style!”  In a beige and white outfit, Michelle stopped to take a selfie with a child of a family from Sarzana.

The presidential couple are guest of former US ambassador to Italy John Phillips at his luxury resort Borgo Finocchieto.  On Monday they are expected to come to Florence.  To see a video and a photo gallery, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.