Summer Jazz in the Valdarno

Summer Jazz in the Valdarno
Two of Frontal’s musicians


Four Tuscan communities join together once again to present nine full evenings of Jazz music. Groups and soloists gather from all over the country to present what will be quite the celebration of interregional communication. The musicians and artists come from different backgrounds, education and dialects to present improvisations, works in progress, and fully prepared evening length works. The one things all these musicians have in common, it seems, is their love for the art form as well as its restorative effects for makers and listeners alike.

Beginning at Loro Ciuffenna, and progressing through Montevarchi and San Giovanni Valdarno, the festival will close at Terranuova Bracciolini. Along with the musical performances, the audience can expect a wide array of food and dancing. Here is the full program:

Monday July 4 (9:30 pm): RICCARDO FASSI TANKIO BAND QUINTET PRESENTS PLAYS FRANK ZAPPA. Piazza Matteotti at Loro Ciuffenna (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Riccardo Fassi, Manlio Maresca, Pierpaolo Bisogno, Steve Cantarano, and Pietro Iodice.

Tuesday, July 5 (9:30 pm): SIMONE GUBBIOTTI ITALIAN TRIO PRESENTS RESILIENCE. Piazzale Trieste in Terranuova (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Simone Gubbiotti, Davide Liberti, and Paolo Franciscone.

Thursday, July 7 (9:30 pm): SIMONE GRAZIANO / FRONTAL PRESENTS TRENTACINQUE FEAT. DAVE BINNEY. Piazza in Montevarchi (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Simone Graziano, Dave Binney, Dan Kinzelman, Gabriele Evangelista, and Stefano Tamborrino.

Friday, July 8 (9:45 pm): ELISA MINI & ANDREA CINCINELLI PRESENT TRAV’LIN’ LIGHT. Corte del Museo Venturino Venturi Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, Loro Ciuffenna (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Elisa Mini and Andrea Cincinelli.

Saturday, July 9 (8 pm): Creole dinner followed by DANIELE MALVISI, PRESENTING THE TRIO AFTER. Fiesole, via di Montebeni, 5.

Music by C.R. La Montanina, Daniele Malvisi, Simone Graziano, and Paolo Corsi.

For information and reservations: call 335 665 5379.

Monday, July 11 (9:30 pm): CARLA BLEY PRESENTS ANDANDO EL TIEMPO. Piazza Liberazione in Terranuova (AR). Tickets: €18, reduced €16.

Music by Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, and Andy Sheppard.

Tuesday, July 12 (9:30 pm): NICO GORI & PISAJAZZ SWING. Piazza Varchi, Montevarchi (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Nico Gori, Vladimiro Carboni, Nino “swing” Pellegrini, Piero Frassi, Renzo Cristiano Telloli, Leonardo Victorion, Alessio Bianchi, Silvio Bernardi, Mattia Donati, Michela Lombardi, and Iacopo Crudeli.

Thursday, July 14 (8 – 9:30 pm):  Apericena featuring traditional gelato followed by JAZZ… NO LIMITS TRIO PRESENTS WE LOVE MICHEL PETRUCCIANI. Terranuova Bracciolini, Piazzale Trieste.

Music by Cassia Vetus, Gianmarco Scaglia, Fabrizio Mocata, and Oscar Abelli.

information and reservations: call 338 832 2358.

Monday, July 18 (9:30 pm): STEFANO BOLLANI PRESENTS NAPOLI TRIP. Piazza Masaccio in San Giovanni (AR). Tickets €25-€30, reduced €23-€28.

Music by Daniele Sepe, Nico Gori, Stefano Bollani, and Jim Black.

Friday, July 22 (9:30 pm). GIANMARCO SCAGLIA PRESENTS COMPARISON. Fattoria di Montelungo Fraz. Cicogna Terranuova (AR). Free entrance.

Music by Gianmarco Scaglia, Andrea Cincinelli, Giovanni Paolo Liguori, Mirko Pedrotti, and Alceste Ayroldi.

Monday, July 25 (9:30 pm): FG04 – FRANCESCO GIUSTINI ORGAN 4ET FEAT MASSIMO MORGANTI. Piazzale Trieste, Terranuova (AR).

Music by Francesco Giustini, Massimo Morganti, Manrico Seghi, and Giovanni Paolo Liguori.

For more information see: 055 240397

Presale tickets: circuito regionale box office 055/210804  (Magenta intern rae knopik)