Snow and Cold Arrive in Tuscany

Snow at Carrara, where Michelangelo would go to select his marble for his timeless masterpieces

A cold front which came down from Northern Europe has brought snow to places in Tuscany above 2,200 ft. (700 meters). In addition to Abetone and the Monte Amiata ski resorts, the Lunigiana and the Mugello, new fallen snow has completely covered the Carrara marble quarries. Snow will continue to fall until midnight tonight.  Strong winds and high tides are expected along the Tuscan coast, while the rest of the region at a lower altitude is drenched in rain, with precipitation continuing through tomorrow, December 3.  Temperatures have also dropped 10 degrees in the past 24 hours.

To see a photo gallery of Tuscan as a winter wonderland, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.