Ryanair Adds New Destinations from Pisa

Ryanair, an Irish airline renowned for cheap flights, is celebrating 25 years of partnership with the Galileo Galilei airport in Pisa. The company is offering discounted tickets starting at €25 from April to October 2023 to five new destinations: Birmingham, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Kos and Stockholm.

Along with the celebration of its partnership with the Pisa airport, Ryanair has also renewed its agreement with Toscana Aeroporti — an Italian company that runs the Pisa and Florence international airports – until 2029. The two companies are working together to boost tourism in the Tuscan region by providing citizens and travelers with a larger variety of destinations to choose from when they are traveling for work, leisure or to see friends and family.

The airline, which currently runs a total of 54 flights out of Pisa, will increase the frequency of 20 of these flights, including those to Barcelona, Berlin, Cagliari, Chania, Malta, Marrakech, Valencia and Zadar.

The company has grown 14% percent compared to rates recorded pre-pandemic, and the new initiatives Ryanair is taking will increase growth further by providing 2,800 jobs for residents, including 240 pilots, cabin crew, mechanics and engineers. The airline has invested 800 million euros in the Galileo Galilei airport and has added eight new planes to its roster, including three “Gamechangers.”

“The summer of 2023 is our largest operator ever, which will offer citizens and visitors to Pisa a broader choice for their summer holidays at the lowest rates in Europe,” said Jason McGuinnes, Ryanair’s commercial director.

Founded in 1984, Ryanair plans to break record numbers this summer season. To book a flight through the low-cost carrier, visit: https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en. (Parker Hurley)