Prato’s Palazzo Pretorio New Museum Room & Offerings


The city of Prato celebrates the Museum of Palazzo Pretorio’s 10th anniversary with the unveiling of a new room, showcasing its commitment to continuous evolution. This expansion includes exhibitions, new spaces, inclusive languages, and an autism-friendly cultural center, all demonstrating art’s power to engage everyone with its beauty and communicative ability.

Seventeen pieces from the 15th and 16th centuries, previously in storage, are featured in the new room on the first floor, located in the recently restored area of the ancient Monte dei Pegni. The exhibition will highlight the cultural climate reflected in the workshops active in Florence and its outskirts during the 15th century, along with a collection of Holy Families and Madonnas with Child from the 16th century.

Stefano Pieri’s ‘Sacred Family’

This new room marks the beginning of a larger project to expand the museum’s offerings, with plans for two additional spaces. One will feature archaeological finds from the territory and the nearby Gonfienti area, an Etruscan settlement dating back to the 6th century BC, enriched with multimedia content. The other will house the Risorgimento Museum, showcasing artifacts from the original museum set up in the Pretorio in the early 20th century, which are currently in a warehouse. 

Over the past decade, the Civic Museum of Palazzo Pretorio has evolved into a significant cultural landmark, not only within Tuscany but beyond. Under the guidance of Director Rita Iacopino, the dedicated staff, and the Scientific Committee, tireless efforts have been made to foster connections, strengthen, and enhance an invaluable cultural legacy. The decision by the administration to expand the museum’s collection path reflects a commitment to revitalize the vision originally conceived by Gae Aulenti and Bianca Ballestrero, now with even deeper integration into our region’s artistic history. These new installations complement the recent introduction of a multisensory parallel path, featuring interactive elements, tactile and auditory experiences, sign language guides, and innovative multimedia devices. 

As the museum celebrates its 10th anniversary, it presents an innovative program of events, performances, dance, workshops, music, themed meetings, and activities, designed to engage diverse audiences and celebrate its rich cultural heritage. Collaborations with city institutions, including the G. Verdi Music School and the PratoMusei system, strengthen cultural ties and expand outreach efforts. Special initiatives like #PretorioYoung and exhibitions such as PretorioAPERTO and In the Sign and in Color offer fresh perspectives, contributing to Prato’s vibrant cultural tapestry. Guided tours and discussions with architects and designers further enrich the visitor experience, while family-friendly activities foster a sense of shared heritage within the community. For more information about scheduled events and dates, visit: (Sophia Koch)

Opening hours of museum: 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Tuesdays); admission: €8; reduced €6