Pisa Man Offers Coffee to Protestors

After having returned from a trip outside Italy, a man in Pisa woke up to find a demonstration against the new Pisa Mover (a high speed automated people mover linking the Pisa train station and Pisa airport) and defused the situation by serving cups of espresso.

The man handed trays of steaming coffee to both protestors and police — the latter wearing helmets and brandishing nightsticks for self defense and riot control — who immediately ceased hostilities and asked for sugar while recordings continued that it was the participants right to express their opposition to the Pisa Mover, who wanted the money spent on low-income housing.

“While it may be public property outside my gate, I am available for both police and demonstrators,” said  Giuseppe Malasoma, who added that he created a dialogue to avoid being held under seige in his own home.  To see a video, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site