Pet Passports for Tuscan Residents

As people do, pets needs need a vacation once in a while. In order for our furry pals, though, to take their much needed break, it is required their owners obtain for them a pet passport.  The regulation aims to eliminate travel problems within the European Union. Ultimately, the pet passport serves as a precaution to prevent the spread of infections, diseases, and other forms of viruses or bacteria.

In order to even have the pet considered to be registered for the passport, primarily, the animal must be “chipped,” meaning a microchip must be inserted under their skin for identification purposes. Secondly, which is more specific to canines, is the requirement to to get an anti-rabies vaccination, which is effective after three weeks of injection, with the protection lasting up to one year.

The next step is to obtain a certificate issued by the veterinary services of a ASL Toscana center. In the drug store, pet owners need to purchase a ticket, which is the “fee” of vaccinations, along with proof from the veterinarian that the pet has been vaccinated.

Once the chip is implanted in the animal, along with having a health record with certain requirements checked off, and the ticket is paid for, the pet owner can receive an animal passport.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (jennifer klammer)