New Phase 3 Guidelines for Group Activities in Tuscany

A typical Italian seniors social gathering is now sanctioned in Tuscany thanks to the new post-lockdown ordinance

As Italy continues to slowly reemerge into normal life thanks to the evolution of Phase 3, Enrico Rossi, president of the Tuscan region, signed an ordinance that provides new post-lockdown rules for a variety of activities. Here is the previous guide; below is the updated list of rules and openings for the public.

Contact sports are now permitted, starting on July 3.  Competitive sports that had previously been authorized must follow anti-contagion procedures. 

Ski lifts and cable cars which had also reopened can now be used without social distancing. 

Saunas and steam baths which had been been closed are now open to the public; temperatures must be regulated between 80 to 90 degrees Celsius. 

Beginning on July 2, outdoor cinemas and open-air live performances are allowed to be attended by the public and there is no requirement for a mask to be worn as long as interpersonal social distancing is maintained. Shows held at indoor locations were formerly limited to 200 spectators in each single area. This maximum has been raised to 1/3 of the total capacity if interpersonal distance of at least one meter (3.2 ft.) is ensured among audience members. Any gatherings in or outside of entertainment premises are illegal. 

Open spaces for dancing such as discos, entertainment venues, food festivals (sagre), village festivals, dance halls and beach clubs can now be used by the public. Partners are allowed to dance in pairs. 

Playing cards can be utilized if a mask is worn and hands are carefully sanitized with either gel or soap and water. 

Religious processions, demonstrations, traditional processions and pageants can now take place if participants and spectators respect interpersonal distancing and wear masks. 

There is no longer a ban on newspapers, magazines, brochures and other printed materials — formerly made freely available to the public — in bars, pizzerias, restaurants, shops, professional studios, hair salons, tattoo shops, beauticians and beach clubs and others as long as a mask is worn before and after use. Hand sanitation is also required. 

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.   (lauren polanski)