New Mask & Green Pass Regulations Starting May 1, 2022


A Siena cityscape

Since the ending of Italy’s state of emergency on March 31, fewer anti-Covid protocols and regulations remain mandatory for locations and situations, a situation which will become even more lenient starting May 1.

Basic Green Pass

Upon entering hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, visitors need to show a Basic Green pass. Health workers are also obliged to keep their Basic Green pass, until December 31, 2022. People who are part of the armed forces, school and university staff, but also those over the age of 50 stay obliged to receive vaccination until June 15, 2022.

The Green Pass is no longer obligatory for transport or for other venues, those mentioned above being the exception.

FFp2 masks

The FFp2 mask continues to be mandatory for users of public transport (bus, tram, metro, in addition to inter-regional trains as well as boats and planes), visitors to hospitals/hospices, rehabilitation centers and assisted living and nursing homes, as well as in places where crowds can gather until June, 15.

Clients of the hairdressers and beauty salons, shopping centers, spectators at stadiums and sports halls, cinema and theatre are obliged to keep continue wearing their FFp2 face masks until at least June 15.

Students, age six and above, must keep wearing their masks until the school year ends.

At gyms, no mask is required, however, in changing rooms and showers a one-meter distance is mandatory.

Government authorities involved are still deciding upon the use of face masks, which for the moment remains “highly recommended” in public offices and workplaces.For all other establishments and locations (indoors and outdoors): an FFp2 mask will continue to be recommended in all places, but not obligatory for entrance.

Full capacity


Establishments, events and all other locations, including discos, can go back to full capacity both indoors and outdoors.  Tables no longer need to be distanced.  Guests are allowed to take their drinks or food standing and are not required to take a seat at a table to be served beverages.


Restaurants and bars are required to keep their air conditioning on during the appropriate season. Spacing of one meter between the tables is still required. The guidelines recommend owners to continue to use digital menus and reservations, and encourage payments by card at the table. (ted de veer)