Musical Hike at Montececeri

parco-di-montececeri copyLive music will accompany a hike through trails leading to Montececeri on Saturday, June 18 as the opening event of Fiseole Summer Festival (Estate Fiesolana) starting at 5 pm.  The musical groups, which will alternate their performances, include flute, brass and saxophone ensembles in addition to professional singers, all affiliated with the Fiesole Music School.  The hike will be two hours long: the meeting point at 4:30 is via del Pelagaccio 1, Borgunto (Fiesole).

Montececeri Park, a large wooded expanse on a Fiesole hillside, encompasses several walking trails through the forests with views across Florence and east towards Settignano and sylvan countryside. Since ancient times Montececeri has been used as a quarry for stone utilized in nearby settlements, including the grey pietra dura used in constructing Renaissance Florence. The highest point of the park has a monument to Leonardo da Vinci commemorating his use of the spot as a launch pad to test his flying machines. Historical records state he successfully completed a thousand-meter glide down to the village of San Domenico.  (rita kungel)