Lockdown Intensified Easter Weekend, Extended with Changes

A beach at Seccheto on the island of Elba

The COVID-19 lockdown has intensified during the Easter weekend and has been extended with changes. Beaches, parks and open spaces such as squares will be barricaded on Easter Sunday and Pasquetta throughout Tuscany and all supermarkets and shops will be closed with the exception of newsstands and pharmacies throughout the region.  This temporary measure is designed to prevent residents from spending time outside their homes, risking infection during the current Coronavirus pandemic. The police will be patrolling to stop and fine anyone found in a public green space or on the beach, especially in view of sunny weather and warm temperatures forecast for April 12 and 13.

Italy prime minister has extended the restrictive nationwide regulations amended on March 25 (click on the link to see the story) that became law on March 28, until May 3, after the Primo Maggio (May 1 European Labor Day) holiday weekend.  The law, however, has just been modified, and will allow bookshops, stationary shops and stores selling clothing and items for children to reopen on April 14.  It also allows supermarkets to extend their hours with the proviso that customers must wear plastic gloves once inside.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.  (rosanna cirigliano)