Live-Streaming of Chigiana Concerts during the Coronavirus Crisis

A performer of the Chigiana Academy music series

Although live professional concerts have stopped, the music will go on. The Chigiana Academy of Music (Accademia Chigiana) in Siena, not wanting to deprive listeners of entertainment, offers music to all from their archives.  Having to postpone its season of live performances, the academy envisioned a unique opportunity to bring great music into people’s homes that will be broadcast in HD without charge during the next three weeks.

Concerts will be live-streamed on the Accademia Chigiana You Tube channel and will remain available after the broadcast dates on the channel. Below are upcoming musical events, all which start at 9 pm.

March 19: “Oltre l’Adriatico,” (Beyond the Adriatic): Cellist Redi Hasa and Maria Mazzotta’s vocals bring to life the first cycle of Stefano Jacoviello’s 2017 composition “Tradire” (Betrayal, the Roots of Music).  From sea to sea, this story of encounters and exchanges between East and West are dedicated to tunes seemingly carried by the wind.

March 20: This broadcast, filmed at the Chigiana International Festival in 2018, presents the music of Johannes Brahms written for orchestra and choir.  Showcasing the Italian Youth Orchestra and conducting students with the participation of the Siena Cathedral Chorus, directed by Lorenzo Donati, the music of Brahms brings a sense of peace and reassurance.

April 2:  “Amori Sospesi” (Hanging Love), with Gabriele Mirabassi, Nando Di Modugno, Pierluigi Balducci.  Hanging love is love from afar, suspended like threads from the sky.  Hanging love is interrupted but never-ending love with remaining memories of time spent together while waiting for the future.  The musicians, playing jazz clarinet, guitar and bass, interpret the rhythms of passion, sorrow and hope.

April 3: Russian pianist Lilya Zilberstein and the Prometheus Quartet collaborate with 20th century Russian composer Sergei Tanayev’s monumental Quintet with Piano Op. 30.  (rita kungel)