Free Aperitivi to Celebrate Elba

Free Aperitivi to Celebrate ElbaThe fragrances and food of Elba Island will fill the streets of Florence, Siena, Lucca and Marciana Marina. Thanks to the collaboration of Vetrina Toscana and Elba Taste complimentary gourmet aperitivi (cocktail hours) throughout May and early June will evoke the taste and the good vibes of the island.

The first event of the month-long festival will be held in the Florence shop of Aqua dell’Elba (Via dei Calzaiuoli, 45r) with a promising multi-essence aperitivo on May 10 at 6:30 pm.

The aperitivi, always at 6:30 pm, are also scheduled in Siena (Via Banchi di Sopra, 20) on May 17, in Lucca (Via Fillungo, 65) on May 24, and will be held Marciana Marina (Via R. Margherita, 54 and Via Aldo Moro, 69) on June 11.

The program is the continuation of Elba Vetrina, with the objective to promote local food, culture and to emphasize the excellence of the restaurants that are devoted to the traditional Elba products.

Apart from the gastronomic adventures provided by Elba Taste, Acqua dell’Elba will bring pleasure to other senses, complementing the aperitivo with perfume testing.

The perfumes recreates the island ambiance with a mixture of the natural scents of 12 native plants. The origin of the various flowers and berries is in every case the Tuscan Archipelago Park of Elba. The initiative raises attention to the protection of the unique flora of the island, and tries to make the public more familiar with Elba the through fragrances.

The Road of Essences, a 127 km (79 mi) route has just been inaugurated on the island as a tribute to these 12 aromas. The hike is divided into 12 stops each stands as homage to the fragrances that constitute the Elba scent such as rosemary, lavender and juniper.  (gréta szabó)