Fiesole Jazz Evening with Enrico Rava & Co.

Rava copyThursday, June 30: ENRICO RAVA, MATTHEW HERBERT & GIOVANNI GUIDI. Roman Theater, Fiesole. 9:30 pm

On the program of the the Estate Fiesolana (Fiesole Summe Festival), this cutting edge trio presents its unique blend of jazz and electronica at the Fiesole’s ancient amphitheater. As a group that is internationally known for its atmospheric pads and sharp riffs, the audience will, in real time, experience risk, explore new territory, and hear live improvisations in order to shake the already malleable traditional boundaries of jazz.

With Rava on drums, Herbert on the electronic synthesizer, and Guidi on the piano, this trio is sure to continue to break the bounds of what we now recognize as electronic jazz. Ticket prices begin at €15.  For information, or send an email to  (Magenta intern rae knopik)