A Festival for Foodies at Castiglioncello

A park in Castiglioncello
A park in Castiglioncello

Mark your calendars for the 5th annual Foodies Festival which will take place from April 28 to May 1 in the beach town of Castiglioncello. This world-famous event attracts over 40,000 visitors and includes 104 vendors with a wide range of events for the whole family. This year’s’ theme is “il cibo è arte: l’arte del cibo” (food is art: the art of food), which will focus on the historical depiction of Italian food in art, from the mosaics of Pompeii to some of the greatest works of the Renaissance. Also notable is the festival’s celebration of 2018: the year of Italian food, as it seeks to use local products from the region, bringing attention to the diverse and multifaceted ingredients of Tuscany. This four day event will include a daily food and wine market, cooking shows, food forums, and even an area dedicated to children’s food.

The festival will kick off on Saturday, April 28 with the opening of the food and wine market at 3 pm and a special inauguration at 5 pm. There will be cooking shows on each day of the festival with world renowned chefs including, Mirko Rossi, Mirko Pedroni, Nicola Gronchi, and Roberto De Franco, and many more. Also featured in the festival are several forums which will educate audience members on various topics such as “senza spreco” (cooking without wasting food), “il cibo dentro al museo” (food in the museum), “taste archeology”, and “allergie e intolleranze alimentari: sconosciuti a tavola” (food allergies and intolerances: strangers at the table), to name a few.

The festival is located at the park of Castello Pasquini and Portovecchio in Castiglioncello.  (olivia pugsley)

For more information on specific events and times, visit the Foodies Festival website at https://www.foodiesfestival.info/