Fall Festivals in Mugello Not to Miss

This year, the 54th “Sagra delle Castagne” will take place on Sundays in October (15, 22 and 29) celebrating Marradi’s trademark product: the chestnut.

Visitors will be able to experience the rich culinary history of Marradi by trying all types of dishes based on chestnuts and chestnut flour including, il tronco (a chestnut roll filled with cream); fritelle dolci (hot chestnut crepes sprinkled with powdered sugar); torta dei marroni (chestnut cake); candied chestnuts; chocolate chestnut marmalade; and of course, castagnaccio, chestnut flan studded with pine nuts.  Also on sale are roasted chestnuts, chestnut liqueur and furniture made from chestnut wood.

Handcrafted chestnut wood furniture and other products will be sold. A locomotive train and regular trains can be taken from various Tuscan stations to Marradi.

The Mugello, the area where Marradi is located, will continue to celebrate chestnuts throughout October with similar, smaller festivals including “Sagra del Marrone e Futti del sottobosco” at Palazzuolo sul Senio (October 8,15, 22 and 29), “Festa del Marrone e dei prodotti tipici locali” at San Piero at Sieve (October 8, 15 and 22), and “Dal Bosco e dalla Pietra at Firenzuola (October 15 and 22).

The chestnuts complement the boundless valleys and mountains of the beautiful rustic region of Mugello. This is the place to go for a genuine autumn scenery in Tuscany. The cuisine at the festivals stays true to the area’s wholesome and natural culinary tradition.

There will be no admission fee at the festivals with the exceptions of Sagra delle Castagne, which costs €3.

In addition to these seasonal events, Mugello is hosting a retrospective honoring the 750th birthday of one of their native artists, Giotto da Bondone. Visitors can make this day trip until the showcase ends on January 7. (deanna carbone)