Closed Doors in Tuscany to Save Energy


The regional government of Tuscany goes green: representatives are working on a motion to stop merchants from opening doors in stores while the air conditioning is on.

Go outside and walk around the city of Florence, what do you see? Almost every entrance to a store open to invite you to come in, but it may just be that really cool air conditioning in the hot summer or warm heating during the winter when you pass the door that draws you in.

Well, this very common practice amongst store owners is now being asked to put a stop towards it in order to conserve energy. A plan of action has been approved by the Tuscan regional government to end this harmful environmental habit and raise awareness among store owners in all areas of Tuscany.

This provision was created by Sì Toscana representatives on the left and amended by the Democratic Party with the vision to get merchants and store owners to adopt this “green” attitude. An awareness campaign has been put forth to challenge the greenhouse effect, working towards leading a fight against climate change.

Local trade unions and organizations have been invited to a meeting informing them about this new change to keep the door shut, with exception for the delivery of merchandise and when people are walking in.

The head of the Si-Toscana party thinks that the constant waste of energy is unnecessary and can highly be prevented. He believed it is time to start thinking of different marketing strategies that won’t harm our environment. “The waste of energy must be contrasted in a rational way” is the official position.

The last step that the party is now looking for is approval of a law states if owners keep their door open and run their AC or heater, they will be fined. This plan to go green has now started and will continue with the support of Tuscany regional government and hopes for more to join in.

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (sandie ramirez)