Castiglioncello ‘Foodie Festival’

Castiglioncello Foodie FestivalThe Foodies Festival is the first of a series of local food-themed events taking place along the Tuscan seaside in the coming weeks.

Look out for the following celebrations as a unique way to visit the coast and hills of Rosignano Marittimo, sampling the territory’s gastronomic goodies along the way:

“Cacciucco Senza Trucco” May 2-3 in Rosignano Solvay; “Non si frigge mica con l’acqua” May 9-10 in Rosignano Marittimo; “Il Principe Ranocchio” May 16-17 in Vada; “Maggio Formaggio” May 23-24 in Castelnuovo Gabbro Nibbiaia. (kate magovern)

Additional details for May events: