Bringing in a Tuscan 2023 with Concerts, Dance Parties and Toasts

Fireworks to greet the New Year in Pisa

There will be plenty of ways this year to bring in the New Year in Tuscany. After two years of cancellations, New Year’s Eve events are back in full swing.

Live music, DJ sets, theater concerts and special guests will enliven Tuscany to count down the arrival of the New Year. Here are the main events for 2023 New Year’s Eve, which all have free admission.

Siena’s “from sunset to sunrise” New Year’s Eve party

In Siena there will be parties in all of the cities’ main squares. Piazza del Campo, Piazza del Mercato, Piazza Indipendenza, Piazza Tolomei, and Piazza San Giovanni will all have different genres of live music, DJ sets, and entertainment.

While Piazza del Campo will provide music by the well-known Sienese DJs from 7:30 pm to 3 am, Piazza del Mercato will have a “We Love Swing” theme, with live music, DJ sets and entertainment.

Piazza Indipendenza will instead have C.A.F.E. Afrotropical Collective of Ethnic Fusion with a live performance of cumbia and samba. In Piazza Tolomei there will be Italian soul music and a performance by the historic band “The Bluebeters.”.Moving to Piazza San Giovanni, party goers can find an 18-person Electro Gospel choir.

Other than music there will also be street food, and New Year’s will culminate with a final concert at dawn inside the Palazzo Pubblico.

Prato greets 2023 with music

Prato will have live music in the historic center to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2023. Celebrations will begin at 10:30 pm in Piazza San Francesco which will feature a Tuscan musical duo called Legno. Following them will be the BNKR44 collective and a live DJ-set by Ghera.

Throughout the city there will also be funky Cambria music as well as many other many other concerts, DJ-sets and dance parties. The full program is available on the Prato Youth Portal.

New Year’s Eve in Lucca with Luisa Corna

Singer and TV presenter Luisa Corna will be at the forefront of Lucca’s 2023 New Year’s Eve in Piazza Santa Maria. Corna will present a vast array of songs including songs by Gloria Gaynor, Gipsy Kings, Modugno and Battisti.

The evening will start at 10 pm and end at 3 am. It will be conducted by Emanuela Gennai and will open with Federico Avanzati’s DJ set. Luisa Corna will continue the show and then the DJ groups Mashville and Veronica Niccolai will bring the evening to a close.

Baby K and Cristina D’Avena: 2023 New Year’s Eve in Pontedera

Baby K and Cristina D’Avena are set to perform in Pontedera for New Year’s Eve. Singer Baby K will be singing for the “Radio Stop Party” located Piazza Martiri della Libertà. This evening is dedicated to female pop. Cristina D’ Avena is also expected to take the stage and perform some of her greatest hits as well as some of her new album “The Dream Continues.”

Fireworks in Pisa

Pisa will also be bringing in the New Year in style with a firework show and toasts on the Ponte di Mezzo. There will also be a concert in Piazza dei Cavalieri for music lovers. It will begin at 10:30 pm and will showcase a wide variety of musical entertainment – including an appearance by Dargen D’Amico — until 2 am. On January 1 there will also be a New Year’s concert of classical music hosted by Teatro Verdi at 6 pm. (Michela Tambasco)