‘Botanica’ Garden Fair in Lastra a Signa

Villa Caruso in Lastra a Signa

Saturday and Sunday, April 8 & 9:  BOTANICA.  Lastra a Signa.  Open 10 am – 7 pm.  Admission: €4.

This weekend Villa Caruso, located in the hills near Lastra a Signa, will be hosting a number of events for “Botanica.” This year, the theme is biodiversity in which the variety of nature and plant-life is celebrated in combination with artistic themes, scientific knowledge and preservation of natural heritage. The inauguration begins 10 am on Saturday with mayor, Angela Baths and the councilor Stefano Calistri.

Exhibitors will present many different types of flowers, shrubs, plants, and fruit trees for sale.. One noteworthy even taking place Saturday at 4 pm will be a lecture on exotic plants in Tuscan gardens.

Exhibitors will include some well-known brands such as Barni Roses and Michelazzi Aquatic Plants. In addition, the Caruso Botany Museum will be free of charge this weekend.  Botanica will also host an interesting start-up company that uses coffee grounds from bars and restaurants to grow mushrooms to sell.

Admission also includes an opportunity to view any of the three food shows taking place with chef Simone Cipriani, Marco Vitale, and Delicious Delights who will be presenting fortified wine, and guests will be welcome to taste typical local dishes and vegan recipes. For the kids, the event will be offering some creative laboratories where they can make toys out of recycled materials in addition to wooden sculptures.

The Villa itself is a spectacle as former owner in 1595 Alessandro Pucci, collector and patron of arts, transformed the location into a remarkable estate. Like many other beautiful properties, this villa experienced many ownerships, each one adding to its refinement until its present incaration of a Renaissance style park.