Berlusconi to Appear Before Court

Berlusconi to Appear Before CourtNews has been announced that Berlusconi will appear before the court in Siena on February 1 with the accusation of bribing a witness in a previous trial. This investigation into Berlusconi’s affairs is linked to the previous sex scandal cases.

The allegations exploded around 2009 when news spread about these ‘cene eleganti’ or ‘elegant dinners,’ evenings organised by Berlusconi. According to the former president, these were simply dinners among friends, yet word spread that these were opportunities for him to arrange escort meetings known as “bunga, bunga parties.” Pianist Danilo Mariani, who would play live music for Berlusconi at these dinners, is a key witness in the investigation.

Now in 2017, the ex-president has been accused of paying his pianist to keep him quiet. Danilo Mariani, during a phone call has preferred to not answer any questions related to the incident.

Mariani will, however, also be called into question before judges, as it is thought that the 3000 euros he has been receiving monthly from Berlusconi must have been payment for the false testimony he gave during the last court hearing.

According to prosecutors, Mariani’s apartment in Siena, which was purchased back in 2012 during the on-going sex scandal trial, was bought with Berlusconi’s money.

Berlusconi’s questionable behaviour headlined major newspapers and magazines in both Europe and America.

Patrizia d’Addario came forward back in 2009 stating that she and other girls were paid to attend parties hosted at Berlusconi’s residence, which the ex-president denied.

Another young girl known for being involved is Noemi Letizia, whose 18th birthday party Berlusconi attended in Casoria, Naples. Berlusconi states he knows the young girl through being close friends with her parents, however, according to previous news reports, both have previously spent a lot of time together.

Later in 2010, Berlusconi was accused of paying Moroccan native Karima El Mahroug, now known as ‘Ruby Rubacuore’ (Ruby the heart stealer), for sexual services when she was underage. The young girl stated that she received thousands of euros from Berlusconi at his private parties, which were filled with young women.

The first accusations are sustained by his ex-wife, Veronica Lario’s file for divorce in 2009, when she accused her husband at the time, of “frequenting minors.”

To read more in Italian, visit La Repubblica news site. (karen gee)