Baratti’s Outdoors Sports Festival

Friday, June 2  – 4: OUTDOOR SPORTS FESTIVAL.  Baratti.

In this action-packed weekend, participants will be able to try a multitude of outdoor activities. Over 20 open-air disciplines will be represented at the festival, ranging from traditional activities such as running and biking, to innovative trends in outdoor athletics, such as sail-parachuting and tree-climbing.

Guests will have the opportunity to practice slacklining, an outdoor exercise born in the United States. Slacklining is an equilibrium exercise where one exercises dynamic movement while balancing on a giant rubber-band secured by two anchor points. At the festival, participants of all levels of ability will be able to watch and practice this popular sport.

In addition to slacklining, there are many other opportunities to explore innovative outdoor sports. There will be sail-parachuting on the gulf of Baratti, tandem flights with skydiving professionals, tree-climbing on the pines of the Val di Cornia parks, and running along a breath-taking scenic trail called Storm the Castle. More traditional exercises such as yoga and hiking will also be offered, and there will be an opportunity to bike along a 50 kilometer (31 miles) trail through the vineyards.

Admission to the festival is free, but a card to participate in the activities costs 7 euros for children from ages four to 12 and 20 euros for anyone over 12 years of age. Tickets are available online at