Antiques & Design at Cortonantiquaria

Antiques & Design at CortonantiquariaAug. 22 – Sept. 6: Cortonantiquaria, Contona Design, Eros.  Major events in Palazzo Vagnotti and Palazzo Casali. Open weekdays 10 am – 1 pm 3:30 – 8 pm; weekends 10 am – 8 pm. Adults €8, reduced €5, children under 15 free. Show + Museum of the Etruscan Academy €12.

Strolling up the steep, medieval streets of Cortona, visitors will find the oldest antique fair in Italy, obligatory for art collectors or those interested in high quality, rare, and valuable antiques. Strictly controlled by the Committee of Quality, approximately 35 exhibitors will be in attendance from every region of Italy, bringing with them a wide range of exceptional objects, including Italian furniture and European antiques, silver and bronze, oriental pieces and jewelry.

The exhibition’s 53th edition will take place at Palazzo Vagnotti, situated in the heart of the medieval town. Typically closed in the winter, this palace will open its doors and return to life to host the traditional antiques, artfully placed in rooms with charm and diverse styles to enhance the wide variety of exhibitors.

Drifting along the scenic corridors of the Palazzo, the path leading between the rooms is this year developed into a museum, demonstrating various representations of Eros in art throughout the ages. The theme revolves around paintings of Eros by the great masters of the 1900s  ranging from Pablo Picasso to Salvatore Fiume, represented by oils, etchings, engravings, and lithographs.

Not only featuring antiques, Cortonantiquaria includes thematic exhibitions and important presences. This year Palazzo Casali hosts Cortona Design, dedicated to the fascinating Egyptian world, from ancient history to contemporary events.

The main focus is to provide widespread attention for the initiative by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, which identifies 2015 as the year of Egyptian culture in Italy. Also accentuated, “Ancient Traces of Egypt in Cortona” highlights the secular motives of interest in ancient Egypt and the way in which Egypt has inspired artists, artisans and designers for centuries.

One artist featured in the exhibitions is designer Karim Rashid, an Egyptian-born Canadian, who found success in his industrial designs using signs and symbols that lead back to his native culture which he calls “contemporary hieroglyphics.” Additional attendees include famous Egyptian archaeologist and former general director of the Giza pyramids, and Zahi Hawass, undersecretary of state for the monuments of Giza, secretary general of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Minister of Antiquities, and an international TV personality.

For more information visit, email, or call 0575 630610 from August 22. (angela karl)