A Dino Campana Tour in Poetry and Music

Claudio Ascoli, Riccardo Tesi and Massimiliano Larocca

A tribute to Dino Campana (1882 – 1932), the great Italian poet judged mad because of his unconventional behavior, will take place on August 20 on the anniversary of his birth through a tour around the region under the “Tutti Pazzi per Campana” (All Crazy for Campana) project.

“Tutti pazzi per Campana” is a project of the Chille de la Balanza Company; each stop will host a performance of poetry and music.  The project involves artists who have taken Campana’s poetry throughout Europe: the actor-director Claudio Ascoli, also director of the project, the singer-songwriter Massimiliano Larocca who set Campana’s book of verse, “Canti Orfici” to music, and the musician Riccardo Tesi.

The tour will start at 1:30 pm from the Chille headquarters in San Salvi, a former insane asylum in Florence that was closed definitively in the 1990s. It was precisely in the pavilion that now home to the theater company where Campana was locked up and wrote his last letter to his lover, fellow poet Sibilla Aleramo: “Come and see me, please.” The bus is scheduled to arrive in Marradi, Campana’s birthplace at 3:30 pm. The artists and spectators will then reach Campana’s residence in via Arione in Lastra a Signa at 7:15 pm. The last stop will be at the former insane asylum of Castelpulci in Scandicci at 7:15 pm, where the poet died in 1932, before returning to San Salvi.

Participation in the tour costs € 10 and reservations are required with advance payment.  (elif aytemiz)

For more info and reservations, send a WhatsApp message to 335 6270739 or an email to info@chille.it