Peretola & Pisa Airport Strikes

Those with flights out of Florence and Pisa Airport on Friday, December 15, will be affected by a 24-hour strike. Due to foreseen future arrangements of the two Tuscan airports to subcontract services, Cub and Filt-Cgil (transport unions, dealing with the baggage handling) are taking the opportunity to make a public protest.

While both aforementioned unions are striking for 24 hours, Fit-Cisl union will also strike for four-hours solely at Pisa’s airport.

Showing their solidarity, workers from other areas of airport control, Enav (flight assistance union), Enac (national air transport authority) and companies such as Rynair and Vueling will also be involved.

Only governmental and emergency flights are guaranteed.

Passengers are encouraged to check Pisa or Florence Airport’s website to be up-to-date with the latest news. They can also confirm whether their flight has been cancelled by visiting their airline’s website.

To read more in Italian head to Florence’s La Repubblica news site. (karen gee)