COVID-19: Two Young Girls Alone at Home & the March 27-28 Update

Kids are especially vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis
Two children, of elementary school age, are by themselves in self isolation at the family home with the mayor of Montevarchi, as a legal guardian because their 80-year-old grandmother died of a Coronavirus infection last week and their mother, a medical care worker, is currently hospitalized with the same illness in Arezzo.
A camper is parked in the driveway, staffed by volunteers in shifts to provide 24-hour assistance, and food for lunch and dinner is delivered by relatives and by a local parish.  The children’s father is not present so Mayor Silvia Chiassai Martini is temporarily legally responsible for their care.  The kids are in contact with their mom, who is getting better, via WhatsApp.
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March 28 saw 252 new COVID-19 cases identified as opposed to 224 yesterday, reversing a two-day downward trend, bringing the regional total to 3,817.  There were the same number of deaths on both days in Tuscany: 21.  The news was more encouraging during this period nationwide rather than in Tuscany.
On a positive note, the Tuscan regional government is working on a measure to provide economic support to students to help them pay the rent during a period when their parents are earning less; ditto for families in region with a member who is not working because of closures and isolation caused by Coronavirus emergency measures. (rosanna cirigliano)
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