Changes in Italy’s Anti-Covid Regulations, April 1 – June 30, 2022

Walking on a pilgrim road in Tuscany.

“The country is ready to go back to normalcy,” said Prime Minister Mario Draghi in a March 17 press conference, announcing a new series of measures to ease Italy’s current stringent regulations designed to decrease cases of COVID-19.

April 1

The state of emergency in Italy, declared in March 2020, will be officially over.

A ‘Super Green Pass (certifying two vaccinations plus a booster) will no longer be necessary for people over 50 to access the workplace; a normal, temporary “Green Pass,” issued with a negative Covid test result, will suffice.

Neither a “Super Green Pass,” nor a temporary “Green Pass” will be required to take local public transportation (although passengers must wear a mask until April 30) nor to enter a bank, post office, government office and to eat outdoors at a restaurant or café.

It will still be mandatory fo everyone to display a “Super Green Pass,” before dining at a restaurant, with the exception of foreign tourists who don’t need to show anything before going in.  Ditto for clubs, discos, indoor sports events, spas, congresses and conferences, with no exceptions.

Stadiums and indoor sports facilities will be allowed to operate at 100% capacity.

The zone system, organized according to color reflecting restrictions, will no longer be in force.

Students who come down with COVID-19 are the only ones who must stay home and take online courses, not their classmates who have come in contact with them.

May 1

The need for “Super Green Pass” and the temporary “Green Pass” will be abolished in all areas of daily life, including on high-speed trains, with the sole exception of visiting family members and friends in the hospital or in retirement homes.

It will no longer be obligatory to wear masks indoors.

June 15

The obligation to be vaccinated will be eliminated except for health workers and rest home personnel, which will remain in force until December 31, 2022.  (rosanna cirigliano)