Carrara Marble Festival Celebrates Local Quarries

Sat. June 1- Sun. June 9: WHITE CARRARA DOWNTOWN 2019. Carrara.

White marble cliffs and dark caves are the icons of Carrara. They are famous, especially with geologists, worldwide for their iconic white marble, used in architecture and art. Their latest festival “White Carrara Downtown 2019” will celebrate this local claim to fame.

The festival will combine art, culture, food, nature, and theater. New and old venues throughout the town will be open to the public on the occasion.

One venture that the festival is undertaking is the “Lessons en plein air” presented by the Fine Arts Academy. Students will be moving their workshops out of the school and onto Via Roma for all to see from 5 pm on.

Several exhibitions on marble will be scattered through the city. DiffusArte will have a whole collection all to itself in several venues in the city. Several art galleries will display their collections as well as showrooms in Piazza Alberica and an installation hidden in the cliffs of the city. There sits a large couch made of marble, perfect for a quick break while exploring the landscape.

Three local museums will open their doors to visitors with special exhibits by DiffusArt. The Centro Arti Plastiche (Center of Plastic Arts), the Marble Museum, and CARMI (the Museo Carrara e Michelangelo) have a cumulative ticket for €10, while individual tickets cost €5 each. Several independent artists will also have their work on display through the city.

The Legend of Morricone will be a truly special concert for visitors. An ensemble symphony orchestra directed by Giacomo Loprieno will perform a tribute to the grand music of Ennio Morricone in Cava Lazzareschi. June 8 at 9 pm, the orchestra will perform inside of Carrara’s cave system itself (admission fee).

Architecture will also be featured in the festival . June 2 will be Carrara Archi Day, which will host a series of talks about European architecture styles and landmarks through the day by famous architects, such as Luca Molinari. An exhibition entitled “Best Italian Interior Design” will be inaugurated the first day of the festival, June 1 at 6 pm, and run through the rest of the festival.  

The Marble Café is a stage for talks, performances, and food during the festival in Piazza Cesare Battisti from June 2 to June 9. Food will be served courtesy of the Animosi Café while famous Italian figures talk at 9 pm. Guests include Stefano Bartezaghi, Francesco Gabbani and Carlo Cottarelli, Boosta, Alessandro Haber, Fabio Canino, Irene Pivetti, Paolo Crepet, and the band Stash.

“Marble is Necessary” (“Il marmo è servito”) offers a menu inspired by white marble. The menu will include plates and ingredients inspired by the town’s past: lard, pasta with beans, polenta, pancotto (bread soup), and baccalà (salted cod).

Tours of the cliffs and caves will be offered daily by various means as tourist packages. Trekking, walking, cycling, 4×4 drive, all are possible ways to explore the famous stone quarries that brought about Carrara’s fame. Walking tours of important cultural places in the city will be hosted everyday at different times in different locations, including the Fine Arts Academy, the historic center, and food walks.

To read more about the events, visit their site here.