Student Receives 4 Vaccine Doses; One Third of Tuscans Now Vaccinated

A patient receiving an anti-Covid vaccine

An Italian university psychology major was mistakenly injected with four doses of the PfizerBioNtech anti-Covid vaccine at Massa Carrara’s Apuane hospital on May 9.  When the error was discovered, the 23-year-old was immediately hospitalized for 24 hours of observation but she displayed no side effects.

The medical director of Pfizer Italia commented, “we don’t know what to expect since there has never been such a case before,” but added “there should be no serious consequences, but she should continue to be constantly monitored by doctors.”  The young woman and her family announced that they have no plans to sue, chalking up the incident to “human error” and “stress.”

During the same period Tuscan governor Eugenio Giani revealed that, out of a population of 3.7 million regional residents, 3,000,000 are eligible to receive the anti-Covid vaccine and that one third (1,000,000) have received their first injection, guaranteeing partial immunity.

The vaccine rollout is accelerating.  Tuscan residents ages 54 and 55 can now make an appointment to receive a vaccine starting on May 13, those 52 and 53 on beginning on May 14, and on Saturday, May 15, people from 50 to 51.  On May 12, 15,000 Tuscans ages 56 and 57 reserved the 15,000 doses available for that age category.  All the vaccinations will be administered in the month of June.  Click here for the link.

More vaccination hubs have opened in Tuscany: at the Casa del Popolo in Grassina, as well as in Scandicci, Pontassieve and Prato.  In fact, for the first time since mid-October 2020, the number of new Coronavirus cases is under 500 on a daily basis.  (rosanna cirigliano)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.