Prato Nurse Cited for Stealing from Dying Patients

Police filed charges against a nurse working at Prato’s Santo Stefano hospital after she was caught stealing credit cards from dying patients. The nurse was charged with aggravated theft and online fraud on June 21.

In Italy, aggravated theft is characterized by the nature of the crime, in which it is committed in such a shrewd manner that it is unreasonable to expect the victims to defend themselves.  

In one case, the nurse allegedly stole from a woman who had just died.

The nurse reportedly went shopping in various Prato shops, in transactions all under 25 dollars so she would not have to use the PIN codes.

Sara Melani, director of the hospital, apologized on the behalf of the medical facility.  

The nurse had previously worked long-term at a hospital in Siena, it is unclear whether there had been similar complaints there as well. Investigations are ongoing.  (natasha sokoloff)

To read more in Italian, visit Florence’s La Repubblica news site.