‘Discovering Etruscans’ Race & Walk in Fiesole

Roman ruins on Etruscan foundations in Fiesole

An eight-kilometer (five mi) “Discovering Etruscans” run past ancient walls welcomes the public in Fiesole starting at 9 am on Saturday, September 16. While this is a non-competitive race open to people of all athletic abilities, another option offered is a a four kilometer (2.5 mi) walk.  Both immerse the participant in Etruscan and Roman archeology and nature.

There is no admission charge, and registration can be done onsite or by sending an email to the following address: iscrizioni.lafontanina@gmail.com. The starting line is in Piazza Mino da Fiesole.

The initiative is organized to promote the awareness of Etruscan heritage, and donations will be accepted for a Florence non-profit that helps people with spinal injuries.

Before being invaded by the Romans between the fourth and first centuries B.C.,the Etruscans, who first colonized the hill overlooking the valley of the Arno now called Fiesole, were a progressive and ambitious people.

While not much is known about their society, it is clear that they were an advanced group with an alphabet and specific pottery methods. Their use of impasto, which is rough clay fired to a dullish brown paved the way for their more famous artistic expression, bucchero, which is a fine black/dark grey polished pottery made by wheel and unique to the Etruscans. Many fine examples of their pottery and other artifacts can be admired at Fiesole’s Archeological Museum.

The race will be an enjoyable experience with visuals that provide a glimpse into past civilizations.  (shannon duggan)